Did you hear? I decided to start ANOTHER blog!

It’s confession time…. Last year I started a new blog called “Yummy Tummy Paleo” and was really on a roll with it for 2 months. Then I got a new job, which was great, but it kept me so busy that I never had time to write on my blog. I tried a few times, but the posts kept on getting farther and farther apart, and basically I just stopped writing.

I also stopped truly eating Paleo. Why you ask? Well, for a few reasons, but the main one was because I gave in to all the snacks and treats that were at this new job. I gained the “Freshman 15” all over again! Ok, well really it was more like 10 lbs, but still! I also didn’t know how I could write about being Paleo when I truly wasn’t. I would tell people I was Paleo, yet when it was treat day at work (which was at least once a month) I was eating cookies and cake and peanut butter filled pretzels and chips and Snickers bars and donuts and bagels and real cheese and caramel covered popcorn and pizza and all the other things that are completely NOT Paleo. I even started bringing some things back into the house like Honey Bunches of Oats, milk, frozen waffles and ranch dressing! 

I was a fraud and there was no reason why I could write about being Paleo when I truly wasn’t.

By Labor Day weekend this year I hit rock bottom (for me that is). I was so busy at work that I convinced myself that it was ok to stop working out. I put on about 10 pounds, I could barely button my pants, and I had to start buying new clothes. My mood swings were bad, my skin wasn’t clear, and I stopped doing what I am passionate about… COOKING. Ok, I was still cooking, but not with enjoyment. I was cooking to live, not living to cook; and there was no way I would write about it! All in all, I was miserable.

Around the beginning of September, something changed. Jeff bought me “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz and introduced me to an old friend of his, Emily. She leads facebook accountability groups to keep people on track to follow their health journeys, and Jeff thought it would be great that I join the one! In fact, he already asked her about the next group and how I could join. Initially, I was offended! How dare he do this without consulting with me first! The emotions were rampant, but I knew I needed to be open to a change.

After talking to Emily, I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did, because it helped to really change my life (more on that at another time).

She also suggested that Jeff and I watch a documentary that she and her husband recently watched, called Fed Up. It was… wait for it… AWESOME!! I highly suggest that you watch it too. It opened up our eyes to what sugar and processed foods are doing to this country. The rise of obesity and Diabetes among adults and children is outrageous!! I was shocked to hear that the projected lifespan of kids born after the year 2000 is now younger than the projected lifespan of their parents. The movie made both Jeff and I mad, sad, and determined to immediately cut out sugar and processed foods.

We then started watching more documentaries like “GMO OMG” and “The Weight of the Nation” and also decided we really needed to start changing our lifestyle and once and for all be CLEAN eaters.

Three weeks later we could already tell a difference. With eating clean, exercising (I started a great plan with Emily’s help), drinking water, and cutting down the caffeine, we were feeling great! Not only did we notice we were no longer bloated after meals, but we were sleeping through the night, we were both starting to lose the fat we had gained in the last year, our skin was clearing up, and we were much happier throughout the day. Life was great!

Then something else happened, on October 8th my position was eliminated at work. I was no longer needed there effective immediately. But what’s weird is I was ok about it! I wasn’t depressed, I didn’t cry for hours on end and think “woe is me”, I didn’t even drink any wine to help me not think about it. I was ok! I was on a health journey that was already making me happy, and I didn’t want to stop that feeling! I decided to continue on and find my next chapter of my life.

Now it’s November 16th and my journey has continued in a great way. I reflected on what makes me truly happy and I began to think of October of last year when I was cooking up a storm and writing the blog almost every day. I needed to do that again.

Over this last month, I ignited my lost passion and I’ve been cooking up a storm again. I also realized it’s now it’s time for me to start writing a blog again, but start a new one.

I loved the concept of the old blog, but I needed something new. Since I began embracing what I like to call a “Clean Lifestyle” I needed a new name. I didn’t want to change it too much, so I renamed it “Yummy in my Clean Tummy”. It has a sort of ring to it, don’t you think?

Ok folks, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Now it’s cooking time…. I have some new recipes to create!!

Tell us your thoughts....

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