What Clean Eating Means to Me

What Eating Clean Means To Me | Yummy in my Clean Tummy

I think that eating clean means different things to different people.  To me, it mainly means that I don’t eat any processed sugars or foods, and I stick to as many whole and organic foods as I can.  I also somewhat follow the paleo rules with no grains (except I will eat quinoa), no dairy (I may have a little cow milk cheese or goat cheese on occasion), no legumes, and of course NO PROCESSED SUGAR!  Eating clean has it’s physical benefits too, I notice that I’m able to sleep better, my mood is elevated, my stomach doesn’t bloat after meals, I’m more regular, and even my skin looks great!  And an added perk, when watching my portion sizes and listening to when my body is truly hungry, I notice I lose fat too 😉

I love infographics and different forms of typography, so I created the graphic above to really explain what clean eating means to me.  Is there anything you would add for what it means to you?

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