The Circle of Having a Clean Health Journey: Step #3→ MIND (again)

Circle of Having a Clean Health Journey | Yummy in my Clean Tummy

Last week I explained that the graphic above shows what I like to call “The Circle of Having a Clean Health Journey”. In this journey there are 4 steps: Mind, Nutrition, Mind (again) and Fitness. Each of these steps repeat themselves by continuing to go around and around the circle. You can start this journey at any time, but remember that this is your new lifestyle; it’s not a quick fix. These are things that you will do every day to continue to make yourself healthy. If you fall off the journey, just remember you can always hop back on. That’s the nice thing about health journeys…they will always take you back!

So, let the journey continue! 

Step #3: MIND (again)

The Circle of Having a Clean Health Journey Step #3 -- MIND (again)

Health Journeys involve a mix of physical, mental, and emotional components that make us who we are. We actually create our bodies from the inside out with what we eat, what we think, and how we move.

Now it’s time to look internally at yourself and how you’re feeling about YOU. If you’ve already begun the nutrition aspect of your health journey, you may have noticed that your thoughts have begun to change, and your mood may be elevated. If you haven’t noticed those changes, no need to worry; these things take time, so continue to eat clean.

When you first started the journey and came up with your why, you decided that you were ready to take care of YOU. But now the question is: Do you have the confidence in yourself to succeed with the rest of your health journey?

I feel that we could all use a little confidence in ourselves to not be afraid of our own failure. When negative things happen, it’s easy to allow our confidence to dwindle. So when the going gets tough, you need a little confidence boost to get going. Here’s a few tips that help me renew confidence in myself:

  1. Push out all the negative thoughts and not worry about the ones that are there. I know, easier said than done. But it is possible, and a takes training on your own part. But once you know how, it’s amazing how it gets easier. Take a look at this infographic on MindBodyGreen on how to stop negative thoughts from getting you down. There’s some great tips I think will help you tremendously!
  2. Smile at yourself. This may seem a little cheesy, but look at yourself in a mirror and smile for 10 seconds. While you are smiling look at yourself smiling and think to yourself (or say out loud), “I can do this. I will succeed at my goals. They will be accomplished.” If you really want to go all out, also say “I love you”. Loving yourself helps build that confidence too!
  3. Smile at others. When you pass someone as your walking on the street, smile at them. And I don’t mean a closed mouth, kind of smile. I mean a full fledge, show your teeth, huge smile. Getting a smile back can really give you a boost of confidence. Plus, you never know that person you smiled at could be looking for the same confidence you are and that can really make their day.
  4. Remember the good things. Think back to a time when you did have confidence in yourself and remind yourself why you had it. Also, think about how you gained that confidence and how you can replicate it now.
  5. Do something for yourself, just because you can. A little pampering can go a long way. So go get a mani/pedi, facial or massage. Or go buy yourself that new shirt or shoes that you’ve been eying for awhile. I’m not saying that you should go overboard and wind up with buyers remorse or in debt, but doing something little just for yourself helps build those endorfins and makes you feel good about yourself.
  6. Remember your WHY. Remembering why are you doing this journey and what the outcome will be, will help give you more of the confidence that you need.

We all have our own idea of what picture-perfect health looks like. But, regardless of what that idea is, there is one thing we all have in common when it comes to health: wanting to feel good. And feeling good about yourself helps give you that confidence you need to succeed in the throughout your health journey.

Check back this week for the next step of The Circle of Having a Clean Health Journey: FITNESS.

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