Food Prep Sunday – 02.22.15

Today is the first day of a new series I’m going to start doing: Food Prep Sunday.  Every Sunday I take a few hours and cook and prep all of Jeff and my meals for the week. I’ve already been taking photos and uploading some of them to Instagram (@yummyinmycleantummy), so I decided that I should actually be writing about this and sharing it with you all!

This week’s food prep was an interesting one.  First, I started almost 2 hours after I originally planned on starting the day.  For the first time in awhile, Jeff and I actually slept in on a Sunday. Of course if you know me at all, waking up at 7:30am is sleeping in for me. Feel free to antagonize me about that in the comments!  Usually my body clock likes to wake me up at 5:30am, which means I usually start my cooking on Sundays around 7am to get it done early.

2-22-15 shake spillThen, when I was making our shakes for breakfast, Jeff’s came out perfectly.  When I went to pour mine into my glass, the shake was so thick it wasn’t pouring very well.  So, I titled the pitcher a little more, and well, it worked, just not the way I wanted it to. The shake made it’s way into my2-22-15 Quinoa Spill glass, but also on my counter and some on the floor.  It was interesting to say the least!  LOL

After taking photos of the Quinoa Beef Enchilada Casserole a little later,  I picked up the bag of quinoa by the wrong end, and that went all over the counter, which as I was trying to clean up kept on falling on the floor no matter how careful I was.  Since it was the second spill of the day, I was waiting for the third to happen since bad things come in three’s.  Thankfully, no more spills.

Remember how I said I started 2 hours late?  Well, that meant I had to stop halfway through because we promised Jeff’s brother and sister-in-law that we would come over to their house to help out with some things, plus we checked out their donation pile, and needless to say Good Will will now get the beautiful camel color Ann Taylor coat I snagged! All-in-all the interruption only cost me about an hour and a half, but when I got home I still had to finish putting our chicken salads together, put the other lunch in containers too, and clean the kitchen.  I was exhausted by that point, so I didn’t get any good pictures to share of the food all prepped and ready to go.  I think you can get the gist of it though from the other pics below!

Oh, I do have to mention, I have one of the best boyfriends in 2-22-15 back massagethe world because a few different times while I was cooking and prepping, he came over to give me mini shoulder and back massages.  Those definitely felt great!  Plus, he at least helped put some of the snacks together and with the clean up.  I’ve learned my lesson, and he doesn’t help me with the cooking! LOL  And yes, I know Jeff’s eyes look really creepy there, but he was doing it on purpose.  I was just happy he let me take a selfie while he was giving me one of the massages!

This week’s meal plan




  • Baked Chicken with  Spinach & Roasted Butternut Squash Salad & Warm Bacon Vinaigrette
  • Mini Pepper “Nachos” with shredded pork, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, melted shredded raw cheddar cheese


  • Apples and All Natural Peanut Butter (for Jeff) and Almond Butter (for me)
  • Carrots and Hummus
  • Whole Grain Sesame Sticks
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • String Cheese
  • Plum Tomatoes and Hummus

Photos of the breakfasts and lunches: 

Click a photo for a larger view and to be able to scroll through them all!

4 thoughts on “Food Prep Sunday – 02.22.15

  1. Amazing. I started doing this a couple of weeks ago, in where I spend several hours prepping for the week. I considered blogging about it too but hadn’t been recording it. It really makes the week so much easier instead of having to prep every single day for that day’s meal.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Mani! Isn’t food prep the best? I’ve been doing it almost every Sunday for the past year and a half and I wouldn’t even know what else to do on Sundays now if I didn’t have the food prep planned! LOL You should definitely try blogging about it. It’s a lot of fun taking photos as you’re cooking 🙂


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