My 60 Days of PiYo: Day #1

Follow me on my health journey as I follow the PiYo exercise program! | 60 days of PiYo: Day #1 | Yummy in my Clean Tummy

I first tried PiYo in October, yet I have yet to do a complete program for the full 60 days.  It’s not because I don’t like it.  Quite the contrary!  I love PiYo!  It’s one of the few exercises I really enjoy doing.  It’s low impact and uses moves from both Pilates and Yoga and still works up a sweat.  But, I think starting a program right before going on a vacation and then trying to start it again right before the holidays, just keeps on setting me back.  Basically, I kept on having excuses on why I wouldn’t work out that day.  Next thing I knew, an entire week would go by.  And recently an entire month went by.  I don’t think I worked out a single day in February!

Well, this will happen no more!  I am determined that I will finish the full PiYo program so I can say that I actually did it. 

I do want to preface that I am not doing this to lose lots of weight.  It’s more about toning up.  Losing a few pounds and a couple of inches would be an added bonus.  This is mainly about staying healthy and finishing something I started. I tend to start projects and not finish them.  If I can go a full 60 days with this program, that is an accomplishment in itself 🙂

So, to keep myself accountable, I’m going to blog about my experiences with it every day.  And I’m going to include the good, the bad and the ugly.  Hopefully, it will  be mostly all good!!

Let the PiYo journey begin…..


PiYo's Align: The Fundamentals

Align: The Fundamentals

Even though I’ve done the videos before, I decided to really start the program from the beginning and go back to the fundamentals.  It was great to see that I had been doing the moves correctly.  I’m hoping that will continue when I get back into it tomorrow!  I do want to preface that this video doesn’t really get your blood pumping like the picture above says.  So I did some running in place and jumping jacks, and then did 5 minutes of non-stop ab workout.  I know that’s not the most amazing workout ever, but I’m starting back slow, and at least wanted to do something today!


Breakfast: Vanilla Shakeology mixed with frozen berries, 1 TB of almond butter, and 10oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  Blended in the blender with lots of ice!

Snack #1: 2 plum tomatoes sliced in half and scooped out.  I filled each half with 1 tsp of roasted red pepper hummus.

Lunch: 6 tiny Honey Mustard Bison Meatballs (1 TB of ground bison per meatball) served over 1/2 cup organic quinoa and topped with some green onion slices.

Snack #2: Sliced banana with 1 TB all natural peanut butter and drizzled with 1/2 tsp of pure maple syrup.

Dinner: 1/2 cup organic brown rice spaghetti with 1 cup of chicken and veggie marinara sauce

Water: maybe 48 ounces – I didn’t measure but I know I should have had more!

Coffee: 1 cup with 1 TB So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Creamer


For the first day back in the game, not too bad. I probably could have chosen a different afternoon snack that wasn’t so full of natural sugars, and I definitely need to drink more water, but overall I’m happy with day 1.

Tell us your thoughts....

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