Did you hear? I decided to start ANOTHER blog!

It’s confession time…. Last year I started a new blog called “Yummy Tummy Paleo” and was really on a roll with it for 2 months. Then I got a new job, which was great, but it kept me so busy that I never had time to write on my blog. I tried a few times, but the posts kept on getting farther and farther apart, and basically I just stopped writing.

I also stopped truly eating Paleo. Why you ask? Well, for a few reasons, but the main one was because I gave in to all the snacks and treats that were at this new job. I gained the “Freshman 15” all over again! Ok, well really it was more like 10 lbs, but still! I also didn’t know how I could write about being Paleo when I truly wasn’t. I would tell people I was Paleo, yet when it was treat day at work (which was at least once a month) I was eating cookies and cake and peanut butter filled pretzels and chips and Snickers bars and donuts and bagels and real cheese and caramel covered popcorn and pizza and all the other things that are completely NOT Paleo. I even started bringing some things back into the house like Honey Bunches of Oats, milk, frozen waffles and ranch dressing!  Continue reading Did you hear? I decided to start ANOTHER blog!